суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Where is the undo button?

It's over! No more coughing, no stuffy nose, no pain finally healthy again! Nevertheless, I could not sleep well. It is one of those bad days. Under the ceiling, it is warm. Whether today I really need to work? It brings nothing, it will not come too late. Outside, it is gray and it drizzles. I hardly go out of the stairwell out because I see my chance: the middle of the road waiting on me. The 90 Aerow Hi-Vis Nike in the form of a stone. So as I stand in the 93'min.

World Cup Final 2005 against Turkey, Brazil and the ball is in front of me. It is like a free kick without walls. No 16 meters separating me from the gate. "Flat down to the corner," says an inner voice and with a few steps pik I start with the stone all the power in the direction of Kant stone. What a shot!

Shortly before impact against Kant stone the devil succeeds somehow the stone from its original trajectory abzubringen. He takes off and I see just how the eyes of a coffee cup in his hand standing office worker, always bigger and bigger.
With a fist ditzschist a great hole in the disc of the ground floor of the National Insurance Institute Bavaria. After the second of employees sat in front of the monitor itself had recovered from the fright, he stepped to the plate.

I could have turned around and I would just went back to bed, where the world is still in order. The dream of a World Cup. I still throw a quick glance at the Undo button, but this is one of many hoes in the real world. There is no undo. Meanwhile, we have taken on the disc and the caretaker was notified. Drin least there was hot chocolate and the caretaker sometimes took my personal details, because I could not stay. "The rest are we writing with their insurance" he says as I go.

Let's see what it was costing

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