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What in your own thing (painful)

Hamburg 05/2005 Actually, I wanted to leave in Hamburg. There should be a video of a class-only I, a BMX and the departure of death at the garbage mountain. But things turned out differently. It is again my foot destroy everything. Many of you know the story already. How it all began to recover, I also no longer true in any instance, it is many years ago. (Before my time Navision) Long story short sense: in any instance is then at two ingrown toe nail. Long years dealing with the nail scissors and foot baths, I was tired. So I looked for alternative. By Dr. Zeitler, I find it a painful method ™ radicals is the problem once and for all to solve. Because I, as Sith course, the radical method ™ prefer I began my walk with the OP Drehmel ™. (You must know I love this tool) The pain was deep, and I read the front schreck Drehmel los ™. The Gravity has it exactly in my foot drop, so that was a huge wound! Days and weeks passed and I ignored the whole action until the inflamed wound.

Through a tip from Freak I came to the address of a surgeon: Dr. Gackenholz. This has inflamed the wound viewed and asked me if I have problems with my IQ had. Our conversation went ever further in the direction of insult to him once I have made clear who is really the coal-making patient, his Teuren livelihood funded. Untreated, I left his practice and made me on the search for a doctor outside the city.

Through the Internet I came to Dr. Lotzin.Net by promising its Internet site, I had the doctor finally found my confidence. For the first event, I drove alone - he wanted to be the only one look. After the evil he has seen, he has canceled all appointments and immediately started with the operation. Usually I would not let go, but when he told me that he "Zeh decrease" ABSCHNEIDEN I think an operation to rescue the Great Zehs immediately pledged. While I still wanted to decide what Zeh he should start, I had been the first of two inject my big toe in the left foot. I grabbed for heating and they had almost bent my hand. The other hand held a chair at oderso. Finally, it was over and he took the syringe out. Loslasse Just when I feel like I have a second needle only a few millimeters apart the old einstichpunkt struggling through the meat. This time, I still Schmerzhafter beiß teeth.

Ten minutes later I feel nothing more. He asked if everything was ok and I thought you guckst times out of curiosity because what he actually does. I could not even watch. When I walk into a pool fully open saw blood came from a brain-related pain across my brain. I made me a stunned by the toe, and it can not hurt. But the pictures do not go out of my head and cause a phantom pain in my head. A few minutes later, it's all over me and I put a new task.

The return trip of about 10 KM with only one foot. Strenuous and dangerous, I tell you! OKOK not too much in a blog. So for a quick end to make the right foot, the OP also survived and left the threads come out today. The threads right let me draw in Munich-maybe I do own times. In any case, I can then again my football or JuJutsu career start and BMX stunt is also still out ...

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