суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.


Finally, it is as far as it is SUMMER

After days of sweating in long trousers, I have times in the Internet 10Tages angeguckt weather and watched the next 10 days sunshine. So I bought a short because I dieTage before in the long pants felt like a smoked salmon.

Until feierabend everything was still in good order. I had worked a little longer and was quite late at home. Until the weather and umschlug it on the last 100m to the entrance to Regnen began. Thus, the adventure takes its course:

I stand in front of my front door and see that I am the key to the company forgot. The rain is fierce and I keep what keeps the vehicle back to the subway. When I must get out, the rain in an Indian Monsum turns and whirls even andersachen all through the air.

No question, that was the moment I also have a train verpasse S! (2 be cont.)

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