суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Streets of Philadelphia

It is the 24 Dec 2004, and it looks like The Day After. The disease has hit Munich and the city is like leergeräumt. On my way to work, I have not seen other people. The U streets and lanes are empty. Actually, I should be glad. No Gedrängel, and no Geschupse stickige Luft.Pünktlich, the train still. But it is still scary.

It is all the more pleased than I am the security man in our company meet. The first person I saw today. And one hour after work. I go into the building G, and note that the outer door is closed, because no other yet it was today. The phone has, in the whole time not even tinkled, and so I call myself in order to verify that it works. It rings weird and I quickly put on. In the canteen (designed for 1,300 employees), I see eight other people. I set myself to them, because otherwise it would look like shit when I hinsetze elsewhere. Yes today must be Christmas: There are deep-fried with Kala Maris Panierten Chickennuggets and fries. It turns out that the other, and this support are 24/7 achievable.

Today, they seem to be an exception, because they betrayed me and they go at 12:00 pm. So I am all alone with the guard here in the company. If this is a serial killer is, I have very bad location. Here it is weird to me, I prefer to go home ...

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