суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Scheiss day

So much fun:

Actually, it is already going yesterday, I was up at 3 am not sleep because I slept on Sunday lunchtime, and was well rested. When I then around 3:00 pm eingepennt was I had to find that the clock already at 06:00 am me again tore from their sleep! Naja 5min goes, and I always thought pennte first to 07:00 pm. Schockartig first woke up water in the kettle and himself in the shower. Before Abtrocken still at the stove, so that the plate ever ready for the egg. Denkste-the-counter for the upper plate seems to be damaged naja mind, I later drum. After a ausgibigem breakfast with eggs (which I normally never do) may actually everything well. OK, I am already late for work but totally happy this morning.

Upon leaving, I wonder whether it would smooth out well, so after a cold night with a lot of snow. The answer I learned at the first step when I was with my coccyx on the Treppenkannte landed. A lucky hats not seen but I limp a little.

I look forward to the train because it has today 10min Tackt there and I no longer 40min on the train must wait. Commissions are way Cher locker at the station more than 150 people who have the same thought. I ask one why it is so full of exaggeration and he tells me that he be 1.5 (!) Hours on the subway waited. It finally came and she was so full that not even more of a Fred Chen would fit. Nevertheless, it managed the 150 people since TROZDEM REIN (MIT MIR)

I gave myself somewhere on the emergency brake, and I hope that no one pitchforks I prefer tuned ... At the main station arrived I had garnicht ausseigen because people automatically rausdrückten me.

I waited for the S1 around 9:05 should depart at 09:00 when an announcement came: "PLEASE NOTE TO ALL PASSENGERS OF THE LINE S1 S1 FÄHRT OF GEFLÜ? ! EL $ RAILWAY GIRLS! " What? ? What? Poultry station? I ask quickly einzwei people next to me, but everyone has his own worries. Quickly, I get the station so that the wing is gemint (toll makes me even more)

So I go up to the regional and long-distance trains and see that I am right. The announcement has obviously not say from which track the train station so that the tension is maintained. I stand before track 34 of 35 and go up a track because there is a display table. 15 min later, I come in and see the track from the train station in 1935.

Now I began, as my kettle to glow. If there is a possibility to have damage to the train, I would have been in this moment before blenched nothing.

Re arrived at the track in 1935, the railway grade out again and the next only in 40 (! !) Min. I have to God bebeten to the leaders in detention Indonesicher bamboo splinters from the fingernails should be rammed.

10:00 pm my boss calls me in order to explore whether I would come or am still sick. The train came and missed it to another stop to keep (Hacker bridge). From the window I saw a lot of people who were angry and aufregten that the train went forward without pause. Well, I was reassured because I saw other poor pig where it went bad. In Idille asleep, and I missed the station in which I had to get out. This time I had only 20 (!) Min wait for the train to zurückfuhr.

I did it exactly the lunch break and went geschaft first in the canteen. Since it is only louder nastier things there I decided for a pizza. It must be that I know after the last pizza never again wanted to eat ... And this time, they have something so simple as a pizza not target. I wonder why not simply a service called pizza.

I arrived at work to find a letter, something that I was deposited at the reception. The reception of even unterschieben said sturr but nothing to get. After half an hour to give you something to get Kopfschüttel * * Allegedly, you have made it to the camp. The camp was never claimed to have received. And if it did the Post. But this alleged to have received nothing. I feel verarscht slowly. After an hour herumsuchen at the reception, storage and post turned out that the package at the post office but was!

It passed on that day Verfluchten some other strange things on which I will not directly, because I already have written too much ... Let's see what else comes ...

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