суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

Hail Storm

I wanted a little over the summer to write it rained, but it shitted!

What I do not sleep four days is a combination. NET Framework 2.0 (Dev.Beta), Visual WebDeveloper 2005 Express (Beta2) and SQL Server 2005 (Yukon [Beta will always remain * g *])

It is so cool that I can recommend any Java, ASP and PHP to forget. Now I only go home to sleep, I wil try as long as possible to be online to programming. But I eat because even old bread from the meeting überbleiben and take the last train home. I have even überlget to sleep in the office for more time for them.

Enough said, we come to practice, I think you want to see some practical examples, I have a number of web pages designed not yet finished, which links but then I will post here.

To see how great witted that packet is, it must first see how the old state of things in programming was / is. For the time it was a simple and ingenious *. wav (Sound) file. The code looked like this:

Private Declare Function car Playsound Lib "winmm.dll" _
(ByVal lpszSoundName As String, ByVal hModule As Integer,
_ ByVal dwFlags As Integer) As Integer
Private Const SND_FILENAME As Integer = & H20000

Dim bAns As Boolean, iRet As Integer = 0
IRet = Play sound ( "C: \ sound.wav", 0, SND_FILENAME)

As I said in the old version was already as quickly and easily traded. But what of the future? I show you how it is possible with today's technology is the whole code in ONE line to get. How? Quite simply:

[VB code] My.Computer.Audio.Play ( "C: \ sound.wav")
[C # code] This.Computer.Audio.Play ( "C: \ sound.wav")

And that's all. I could now with hundreds of examples, but that would all just bored. So, you in the future on new programs better all manufacturers.

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