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New Blog

Hi all,
As you noted Blogge I run here.
Nevertheless, it goes further to:

For those who do not have browsers, which can circumvent umlauten:

Have fun.

S Railway

S Munich and their situation is a matter for themselves. I am really glad a picture phone to own (even if the Qually bad) to show you these moments can be.

Crowds squeeze into overflowing S railways and if you think it fits no longer purely then comes a whole football club and squeezes still pure.


Yes Munich and the MVV. MVV? Unzuverlässig- a synonym for speed. The Munich transport association goes on strike, it does not ride subways, buses or trams. And who cares? Since train failures and technical defects in Munich to become a permanent condition, krazt there is no more if they nichtfahren again one day.

In my eyes, the entire force in a strike 15Jahres send!

The time has come

It is so far a long time, nothing has done to my blog. This is now closing! There are definitely no entries in MSN but nurnoch on Blogger.com precisely on http://SharkX2k.Blogger.com

The old blog entries are still under http://spaces.msn.com/members/sharkx2k/ reach.

- Much fun reading

... Like my name on the door

I am amazed when I finally got my name ringing in the new panel to the apartment door saw. Whether the bell works, I do not know. But the new board looks at jedenfall edeler MUCH:)

Error (2)

This time of Color Vision.
If, when the program is not in admin mode. At least, the program has a bad conscience.

Sought-found (3)

And it does not end!

About Giraffe-Giesing@Lycos.de reached me many e-mails from people who think that they have lost their giraffe finally found. Also interesting, I received an e-mail with the whereabouts of the sought Wellensittichs. Photos that he has in the animal home Lahr sought shelter. Thus findenVogel giraffe and again to their old besitzern back.

We are pleased that we were able to help.

Sought-found (2)

Inspired by the idea of the bird seekers, I asked how many people were telling me would sign if I half in Munich distribute that I strayed to a giraffe.

On weekends, I will give a view into the mailbox throw.

Sought-found (1)

Yesterday evening, I come home and also see as siesen slip at the entrance door to the stairwell. And even before I read it, I have a sick mind. I need these types of the poor because the paper has hingehängt show that is not a bulletin board and start my action. What? The see her tomorrow:-D


The Visual Studio will always Sympatischer:
It does not mince matters and says an easy to face, that it is stupid:)
EDIT: in the message heist:

Shitty Exception Code
Intellisense has detected that you are a shitty
Developer. Perhaps you should consider going back
To night school?

Hail Storm

I wanted a little over the summer to write it rained, but it shitted!

What I do not sleep four days is a combination. NET Framework 2.0 (Dev.Beta), Visual WebDeveloper 2005 Express (Beta2) and SQL Server 2005 (Yukon [Beta will always remain * g *])

It is so cool that I can recommend any Java, ASP and PHP to forget. Now I only go home to sleep, I wil try as long as possible to be online to programming. But I eat because even old bread from the meeting überbleiben and take the last train home. I have even überlget to sleep in the office for more time for them.

Enough said, we come to practice, I think you want to see some practical examples, I have a number of web pages designed not yet finished, which links but then I will post here.

To see how great witted that packet is, it must first see how the old state of things in programming was / is. For the time it was a simple and ingenious *. wav (Sound) file. The code looked like this:

Private Declare Function car Playsound Lib "winmm.dll" _
(ByVal lpszSoundName As String, ByVal hModule As Integer,
_ ByVal dwFlags As Integer) As Integer
Private Const SND_FILENAME As Integer = & H20000

Dim bAns As Boolean, iRet As Integer = 0
IRet = Play sound ( "C: \ sound.wav", 0, SND_FILENAME)

As I said in the old version was already as quickly and easily traded. But what of the future? I show you how it is possible with today's technology is the whole code in ONE line to get. How? Quite simply:

[VB code] My.Computer.Audio.Play ( "C: \ sound.wav")
[C # code] This.Computer.Audio.Play ( "C: \ sound.wav")

And that's all. I could now with hundreds of examples, but that would all just bored. So, you in the future on new programs better all manufacturers.


Finally, it is as far as it is SUMMER

After days of sweating in long trousers, I have times in the Internet 10Tages angeguckt weather and watched the next 10 days sunshine. So I bought a short because I dieTage before in the long pants felt like a smoked salmon.

Until feierabend everything was still in good order. I had worked a little longer and was quite late at home. Until the weather and umschlug it on the last 100m to the entrance to Regnen began. Thus, the adventure takes its course:

I stand in front of my front door and see that I am the key to the company forgot. The rain is fierce and I keep what keeps the vehicle back to the subway. When I must get out, the rain in an Indian Monsum turns and whirls even andersachen all through the air.

No question, that was the moment I also have a train verpasse S! (2 be cont.)

What in your own thing (painful)

Hamburg 05/2005 Actually, I wanted to leave in Hamburg. There should be a video of a class-only I, a BMX and the departure of death at the garbage mountain. But things turned out differently. It is again my foot destroy everything. Many of you know the story already. How it all began to recover, I also no longer true in any instance, it is many years ago. (Before my time Navision) Long story short sense: in any instance is then at two ingrown toe nail. Long years dealing with the nail scissors and foot baths, I was tired. So I looked for alternative. By Dr. Zeitler, I find it a painful method ™ radicals is the problem once and for all to solve. Because I, as Sith course, the radical method ™ prefer I began my walk with the OP Drehmel ™. (You must know I love this tool) The pain was deep, and I read the front schreck Drehmel los ™. The Gravity has it exactly in my foot drop, so that was a huge wound! Days and weeks passed and I ignored the whole action until the inflamed wound.

Through a tip from Freak I came to the address of a surgeon: Dr. Gackenholz. This has inflamed the wound viewed and asked me if I have problems with my IQ had. Our conversation went ever further in the direction of insult to him once I have made clear who is really the coal-making patient, his Teuren livelihood funded. Untreated, I left his practice and made me on the search for a doctor outside the city.

Through the Internet I came to Dr. Lotzin.Net by promising its Internet site, I had the doctor finally found my confidence. For the first event, I drove alone - he wanted to be the only one look. After the evil he has seen, he has canceled all appointments and immediately started with the operation. Usually I would not let go, but when he told me that he "Zeh decrease" ABSCHNEIDEN I think an operation to rescue the Great Zehs immediately pledged. While I still wanted to decide what Zeh he should start, I had been the first of two inject my big toe in the left foot. I grabbed for heating and they had almost bent my hand. The other hand held a chair at oderso. Finally, it was over and he took the syringe out. Loslasse Just when I feel like I have a second needle only a few millimeters apart the old einstichpunkt struggling through the meat. This time, I still Schmerzhafter beiß teeth.

Ten minutes later I feel nothing more. He asked if everything was ok and I thought you guckst times out of curiosity because what he actually does. I could not even watch. When I walk into a pool fully open saw blood came from a brain-related pain across my brain. I made me a stunned by the toe, and it can not hurt. But the pictures do not go out of my head and cause a phantom pain in my head. A few minutes later, it's all over me and I put a new task.

The return trip of about 10 KM with only one foot. Strenuous and dangerous, I tell you! OKOK not too much in a blog. So for a quick end to make the right foot, the OP also survived and left the threads come out today. The threads right let me draw in Munich-maybe I do own times. In any case, I can then again my football or JuJutsu career start and BMX stunt is also still out ...

Where is the undo button?

It's over! No more coughing, no stuffy nose, no pain finally healthy again! Nevertheless, I could not sleep well. It is one of those bad days. Under the ceiling, it is warm. Whether today I really need to work? It brings nothing, it will not come too late. Outside, it is gray and it drizzles. I hardly go out of the stairwell out because I see my chance: the middle of the road waiting on me. The 90 Aerow Hi-Vis Nike in the form of a stone. So as I stand in the 93'min.

World Cup Final 2005 against Turkey, Brazil and the ball is in front of me. It is like a free kick without walls. No 16 meters separating me from the gate. "Flat down to the corner," says an inner voice and with a few steps pik I start with the stone all the power in the direction of Kant stone. What a shot!

Shortly before impact against Kant stone the devil succeeds somehow the stone from its original trajectory abzubringen. He takes off and I see just how the eyes of a coffee cup in his hand standing office worker, always bigger and bigger.
With a fist ditzschist a great hole in the disc of the ground floor of the National Insurance Institute Bavaria. After the second of employees sat in front of the monitor itself had recovered from the fright, he stepped to the plate.

I could have turned around and I would just went back to bed, where the world is still in order. The dream of a World Cup. I still throw a quick glance at the Undo button, but this is one of many hoes in the real world. There is no undo. Meanwhile, we have taken on the disc and the caretaker was notified. Drin least there was hot chocolate and the caretaker sometimes took my personal details, because I could not stay. "The rest are we writing with their insurance" he says as I go.

Let's see what it was costing


Be a week, I K.O. Nix is more. Sun 24 hours in front of the TV and the XBOX and urgently need new films and games. Even the soothsayers on NBC and the quiz shows on 9Live I see myself already. The rest I sleep. After the heist wake up with it first tablets zuballern then go to sleep.

2005, and it continues ....

I do not know where these people hall of this space know, but it constantly e-mailing with people who want me to my blog weiterführe. The first, I ignored but then tore the electricity away, and I wondered how many users have nothing to do such a thing here and carefully.

Also good: Won, I do the blog continue ...


Haha, for the first time, I almost first, and it may prove. ist noch in einem vollkommen geschlossenem Zustand. The hive is still in a completely closed state.

Where are all gone?

Seid 3 days, I see no more Bayer. They are all gone! Ok, I thought if I was lucky, I have quickly in the laundry, because it is really tough as always full. So I thought maybe this time I must not wait until a free washing machine.

Hardly arrived in the laundry I had to conclude that I was the ONLY on that day wanted to wash his laundry.

Not me never happens.

New Images

Today, I show you a couple of pictures of my institute:)
You see the mailboxes, and the blade on my doorstep.
) habe ich auch mal ein Photo gemacht und wieder einmal ist auch die Strasse leer. From the stairwell hallway (The Green Mile), I have, at times, a photograph, and once again the road is empty.

Are all still sleeping in the Munich Christmas ...

Streets of Philadelphia

It is the 24 Dec 2004, and it looks like The Day After. The disease has hit Munich and the city is like leergeräumt. On my way to work, I have not seen other people. The U streets and lanes are empty. Actually, I should be glad. No Gedrängel, and no Geschupse stickige Luft.Pünktlich, the train still. But it is still scary.

It is all the more pleased than I am the security man in our company meet. The first person I saw today. And one hour after work. I go into the building G, and note that the outer door is closed, because no other yet it was today. The phone has, in the whole time not even tinkled, and so I call myself in order to verify that it works. It rings weird and I quickly put on. In the canteen (designed for 1,300 employees), I see eight other people. I set myself to them, because otherwise it would look like shit when I hinsetze elsewhere. Yes today must be Christmas: There are deep-fried with Kala Maris Panierten Chickennuggets and fries. It turns out that the other, and this support are 24/7 achievable.

Today, they seem to be an exception, because they betrayed me and they go at 12:00 pm. So I am all alone with the guard here in the company. If this is a serial killer is, I have very bad location. Here it is weird to me, I prefer to go home ...


I have it geschaft it is clean and tidy with me at home. I have pride from the same few pictures. Guck it out: