суббота, 27 октября 2007 г.

New Blog

Hi all,
As you noted Blogge I run here.
Nevertheless, it goes further to:

For those who do not have browsers, which can circumvent umlauten:

Have fun.

S Railway

S Munich and their situation is a matter for themselves. I am really glad a picture phone to own (even if the Qually bad) to show you these moments can be.

Crowds squeeze into overflowing S railways and if you think it fits no longer purely then comes a whole football club and squeezes still pure.


Yes Munich and the MVV. MVV? Unzuverlässig- a synonym for speed. The Munich transport association goes on strike, it does not ride subways, buses or trams. And who cares? Since train failures and technical defects in Munich to become a permanent condition, krazt there is no more if they nichtfahren again one day.

In my eyes, the entire force in a strike 15Jahres send!

The time has come

It is so far a long time, nothing has done to my blog. This is now closing! There are definitely no entries in MSN but nurnoch on Blogger.com precisely on http://SharkX2k.Blogger.com

The old blog entries are still under http://spaces.msn.com/members/sharkx2k/ reach.

- Much fun reading

... Like my name on the door

I am amazed when I finally got my name ringing in the new panel to the apartment door saw. Whether the bell works, I do not know. But the new board looks at jedenfall edeler MUCH:)

Error (2)

This time of Color Vision.
If, when the program is not in admin mode. At least, the program has a bad conscience.

Sought-found (3)

And it does not end!

About Giraffe-Giesing@Lycos.de reached me many e-mails from people who think that they have lost their giraffe finally found. Also interesting, I received an e-mail with the whereabouts of the sought Wellensittichs. Photos that he has in the animal home Lahr sought shelter. Thus findenVogel giraffe and again to their old besitzern back.

We are pleased that we were able to help.